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Shutter Styles


Full Hight

Full Height shutters are great for insulation, privacy and noise control and are best suited for tall windows, French or patio doors. However, they can be adapted to any type of window.


Shutters also provide fantastic insulation during the cold winter months, whilst in summer keeping rooms cool from the sun's rays.


Similar to the old fashioned saloon doors, Tier-on-Tier offers a separate top tier that opens independently from the bottom. This gives you the added benefit of increasing light into a room by having the top tier open, whilst maintaining privacy by leaving the bottom tier closed.

Tier-on-Tier shutters can be customised to have the split between the tiers lining up with your window, or at any position you require for the look you want to obtain.

Tier-on-Tier also offers great protection against the British weather – helping to keep in heat during the winter whilst stopping your rooms from overheating in the summer.



Café style shutters cover only part of the window and give a lovely continental feel. This chic design gives you the opportunity to enjoy the privacy of the shutters whilst still experiencing the sunlight into the room.
This shutter style is perfect for kitchens and road facing rooms where privacy is at a premium. They’re great as a decorative element to your window and a fantastic way to enhance existing window features such as stained glass or low arches. This allows you to still experience the original design of the windows whilst enjoying the elegant style of shutters.


Rather than fitting shutters in the usual manner, these shutters slide on a track. They’re an ideal choice for large glass expanses and we can offer numerous different options for tracked installations. 

From panels that bypass and slide past each other, bi-folding track that can be made to almost any configuration required, options for both inside and outside the recess, right through to clever tracked shutters that sit together with our standard frames to blend seamlessly with your other shutter installations.  

Tracked shutters can be provided in almost all of our shutter ranges, with the exception of the Hollywood range.



Bay windows are extremely popular throughout the UK and we have many options for bay shutters to add real value to your  home.
Choose from installing across the expanse of the bay using custom made bay posts right through to separate shutters that perfectly fit each section of the bay.
Bay window shutters fit the architecture of the windows themselves, seamlessly blending with the décor of your customer's room to provide an exquisite and fashionable addition to any home, whilst giving instant appeal to any house, no matter the age.


No matter the size or shape of window – there is a shutter to suit. Shutters can be made to fit any speciality window – from stunning arches, circular port holes, gothic church windows, and fantastic angular triangles – we are sure that we can find a solution for your window and help you build a shutter to go beyond their expectations.



An alternative option to fully louvered panels – solid shutters are exactly as their name suggests. If you are looking for a sense of Victorian style & glamour then solid shutters may be the option for you. Solid panels do not have operational louvres so do need to be opened in full to let the light in, however they come into their own at night by offering a minimal light bleed.

As they do not have louvres, solid panels also offer even better insulation and can be perfect for older properties or those with single glazed windows. Some customers even use our solid shutters as room dividers when combined with a track system.

Due to their construction, solid panels are only available in our wood ranges.

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